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Melissa Wakeford

In “Kolonia Santita: Laana Ya Panthera Tigrisi”, Enock Maregesi’s first novel, four die-hard WODEA commandos leave Copenhagen (after been called in service from Israel, Denmark, Tunisia and Tanzania) in search of WODEA’s most wanted man Panthera Tigrisi, known otherwise as The Tiger, a frastrated dangerous criminal in Latin America: whose motivation is authority, challenge, power and freedom and who has a tendency to be a powerful individualist.

This is a remarkable novel. The reading is fascinating, giving many facts that one could only obtain from time-consuming consultation of many different documents, books or television documentaries. The author mispells certain words at times, and some subplots are not fully connected to the main storyline – which makes me think probably there is a sequel to the story. For example, the following words are not correctly spelled as they are supposed to according to the Swahili and Spanish dictionaries: ‘afsa’ instead of ‘afisa’, ‘Armagura’ instead of ‘Amargura’, ‘Kolonio Santita’ instead of ‘Kolonia Santita’, ‘Riparo Jicara’ instead of ‘Reparo Jicara’ and a few (VERY FEW) others. Subplots like Gøye ‘s storyline is not complete. After dropping Radia Hosni (WODEA’s special agent from Tunisia) off at D’Angleterre Hotel in Copenhagen, Gøye went back to Kastrup Airport to pick up another passenger (one of the villains Delfina Moore) and drove her back to Sgt Hosni’s hotel without even knowing that Delfina had a company following them from behind. We don’t know where Gøye disappeared to after dropping Delfina off and waiting for her and another guy who I believe to be Marcus Overgaard (a.k.a The Don) who was waiting outside Magasin du Nord Supermarket. As I said earlier, may be the disappearance of Gøye is a ‘thread’ to the sequel or the author completely forgot about him…I don’t know yet.

Also, the author didn’t tell us vividly about Sgt Radia Hosni’s demise. What we know is that she was shot (by Nicolas Kahima, a Ugandan commando – Tigrisi’s bodyguard) and later flown to Norway aboard WODEA’s Grumman for better treatment. We don’t know whether she survived or died which is so bad if she died!

In general, however, the dialogue is pleasant to read and the author has highly succeeded in mixing together jeopardy, conflict, cliffhangers, action, tension, flashbacks, foreshadowing and all laws of literature into this magnificent chase-storyline-blockbuster. Enock Maregesi is a serious writer!


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  1. Very nice review!

  2. Some answers to Melissa’s review – VERY nice review by the way: Misspelled words Melissa is talking about are misspelled because they ain’t spoken by the narrator (in this case me) but the characters themselves – that’s how people speak sometimes. So ‘afisa’ some people pronounce it as ‘afsa’ and ‘Reparo Jicara’ is pronounced as ‘Riparo Jicara’ in the Mexican Spanish language. The same is NOT true to ‘Kolonio Santita’ and ‘Armagura’ … And yes, there is a ‘sequel’ and Gøye’s storyline is indeed a ‘thread’. Radia’s will be finalised in the next book – there are atleast four books about WODEA.

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