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‘Kolonia Santita’ is simply the best Swahili novel of all time according to me! Enock Maregesi’s broken records of his heroes Elvis Musiba, Ben Mtobwa and Euphrace Kezilahabi whether we like it or not! His writing style is unprecedented. His knowledge in literature is like no other. His novel has captured perfectly the international scenery more than any author before him in Tanzania, and indeed East Africa as a whole.


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  1. I agree with you there Josephat! Enock’s writing style is uniquely contemporary compared to other authors in East Africa. it represents his personal expression of events setting mood and leading the reader to a subjective and emotional understanding of the subject.

  2. This author is very careful when it comes to writing and speaking, as i’ve spoken with him a few times over the phone. One of the things that fascinates me the most about ‘kolonia santita’ is probably the synopsis. It is written in such logic that if you if remove any paragraph you dont change anything, in other words you wont change the logic flow of narration and events. The first paragraph is not necessarily logicaly connected to the second paragraph-it is logicaly connected to the third and fourth paragraphs as well. There are 4108 words and 37 paragraphs in the synopsis (excluding the author’s name and address) – Every single word is CAREFULLY written and you can find all of them in the swahili dictionary, except a few foreign words which are properly shown in italics. This author’s writing style is legendary!

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